This afternoon, I’m going to be watching a live reaction to episodes 7 & 8 of Justice in the Dark (JITD), a fabulous C-drama airing on Youku. I say “airing,” which implies it’s still running, but…it’s not. For some reason known only to Youku, the show dropped 8 episodes in February 2023, then nothing more. I understand 22 eps were filmed & approved to air, but no one I know has a clue to what’s happened since.

The drama is based on a novel by Priest, the same Priest who wrote the IP for Word of Honor and Guardian. The source novel is called Silent Reading (默读) and so far, I’ve read books 1 & 2, which correlate to the first 2 cases in JITD. The book so far is as excellent as the drama and I am SO ready for more drama, damn it!

I know censorship is A Thing in China and the source material is BL, but TBH, there’s less obvious BL here than in WoH, so IDEK.

In any case, if you like case-based cop dramas with a taste of BL goodness, do check out Justice in the Dark…even though we may only ever get 8 episodes. (Sigh)