• Hello!


    Halloooo there! This may (or may not) become a place for me to post random thoughts. Places to find me on social media as of May 19, 2023:Mastodon: https://federatedfandom.net/web/@thelima (this is my main for now)Twitter: https://twitter.com/themarialima (I mostly lurk there & read posts from friends who are not elsewhere)Discord: chickwriter#9705 (though this will change shortly…

  • Going down the Reactor rabbit hole

    Going down the Reactor rabbit hole

    A few years ago, I accidentally discovered the world of YouTube reactors. I totally did not know this was A Thing! At first, it was just an amusing way to spend 10 – 15 minutes watching other people discover old songs, etc.

  • Celebrate 520 with a free Untamed concert!

    Happy 520, my friends! In honor of this day, NSMG have released The Untamed Nanjing 2019 concert to YouTube for free – with multisubs!! If you’ve not seen it, it’s definitely worth watching!

  • When good shows just…stop

    This afternoon, I’m going to be watching a live reaction to episodes 7 & 8 of Justice in the Dark (JITD), a fabulous C-drama airing on Youku. I say “airing,” which implies it’s still running, but…it’s not. For some reason known only to Youku, the show dropped 8 episodes in February 2023, then nothing more.…