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Filled With Glee: An Unauthorized Glee Companion; Benbella Books/Smart Pop Series (November, 2010)Filled with Glee cover

For me, no matter how much I enjoyed the dynamics among the four major teen players, the show wasn’t about Rachel, the over-the-top Jewish American Princess diva with two dads. Nor was it about Finn, the jock-turned-choirboy, nor even about Puck or Quinn and their baby drama. It was about the others; the ones singing backup—Kurt, Artie, Mercedes and Tina, who truly embodied the role of the outsiders. Glee is about identity. This essay explores my two favorite characters and how their journey reflects us all.

About the book:

Is Sue the true driving force behind Glee? Who’s the real alpha male in New Directions? Why do we really keep coming back to Glee week after week? From its quirky character insights to its inspirational, funny, and touching stories from fellow gleeks, Filled with Glee is the perfect companion for the fan who can’t get enough Glee.

Filled with Glee also includes a guide to putting together a glee club in your own school or community; an index of songs by episode; and the musical biographies of the main and guest actors (including where and when they’ve worked together before).